Monday, August 25, 2008

Day 1. Fight. (sorry, Mortal Kombat thing)

My kids got off to school today, no problem. They all mustve been excited, even if they werent acting it, because it wasnt a problem getting them up. That will change soon enough, Im sure.
So, yesterday I cleaned house...and stuff...and today I got nothing to do.

Im bored.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The last day of summer...

and I'm spending it cleaning. Which on the plus side, means tomorrow, when my kids are in school, I can blog, and read blogs and answer my emails. Ah, the life of luxury, for 8 hours. No screaming kids arguing over who 'didn't save the game', no hearing ' Im hungry', and best of all..NO BLARING ROCKBAND!!!! I hate that game.

My husband and 4 kids are mowing the grass..with a push lawn mower. All 5 plus acres. My husband is insane. Okay, hes Mexican. If your Hispanic, you will understand this little inside thing. If your not, let me quickly explain. Mexicans think that using a push lawnmower makes the lawn look better than a riding lawn mower. The little lines are lined up perfect, everything is edged just right. To me its stupid, but hey, if someone wants to be stupid, don't let me be the one to stop them..let me be the one to hold the camcorder, or camera.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Del monte Fruit Chillers

Have you tried this stuff? I only bought it because I had a coupon. Then as I was buying it, I thought, mmm..looks good. Of course it was 8pm and I hadnt eaten all day.
I froze it, and tried it today. I cant decide if I like it. I bought the strawberry flavor, and it smells good..and tastes good at first, then it taste's weird. Like a weird after taste.
My kids hated it.
Too bad I didnt like this product more, because as a parent, if you like the same things your kids do, chances are there are never any left by the time you get around to wanting it. (Case in point: Oreos.)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Its summer and!

Its less than a week before school and were doing our traditional, 'get up at the crack of dawn when dad goes to work, so we can go to bed early' routine. This is so the shock of getting up before the sun isnt too much on my 'gaming' vampires. My oldest son is not happy about me asking him to get up..hell, he probably just went to bed. Ambien sucks, and he starts Ambien CR tomorrow.
Im wanting to do something with my younger boys room considering school is starting. Its a 'party room' right now, with big tv, and Rockband, and every game system on the market in there. I need it to look more like a little boys room.


Yes, they have a bed. A red futon. I didnt take a photo of it, because well..why?
Gone are the days of sail boat borders, baby blue bedding, and cute little bears.

We finally finished my 13yr old daughters room..who is a tomboy...and a sharp shooter. I hope she grows out of that. I guess gone are the days of pink rooms, barbies and dolls.
(Hanging on her door, that leads to her balcony is her latest target that she shot at 25 yards with an M16).

Im also noticing it does nothing but rain. Its getting old. These were taken of my yard, from my balcony.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Guess who called me?

I know SOME celebs. I even went to school with some of them, and a few call me from time to time.
Last nights phone call shocked me when I looked at the caller i.d. Its not everyday you get a phone call from a dead rocker!
By the way, it was a wrong number...he was looking for someone named Debbie. Oh well, maybe next time Jim Morrison will call me!

My caller I.D

Friday, August 8, 2008

Odds and Ends..

Only 3 more weeks until school starts. Funny how in May I cant wait for school to be over with,(so I can sleep in) but by middle June, I am ready for it to start again. My kids do nothing but eat all night and play video games and sleep all day. I just want my 8 hours of time to myself back! (Only stay at home moms can understand this).
I dont know how moms that work do it. When do they have time to clean house, do laundry, bake for their family, check homework, cook dinner and all that other Suzie homemaker stuff? (Not to mention have time to write a blog)
I sometimes say Id like to have a job (just for the pleasure of talking to an adult sometimes), but the fact is, my house would fall apart. My family is too used to me doing everything for them, they wouldnt know what to do on their own.
I know, your saying, 'Cant you talk to your husband'? Well sure, when he comes in from work at 9pm, or before he leaves for work at 5am. 'Talk' is just normally the important stuff like, 'Middle Bratz did this in school today', or 'eldest Bratz needs to borrow money for her electric/phone/rent payment', things like that.

How do I know things would fall apart.

Case in point....We were having a hurricane this week. (it was a T.D, so no big deal). I told my husband to stop by the store after work to pick up some groceries. Just some odds and ends, bottled water, and can goods. He comes home with 167.00 worth of bullshit! He came home with 10 cans of sardines (The kind noone else will eat but him, the ones that contain green chilies). He also came home with 3 boxes of hostess cupcakes. The most dumbest thing he bought was a economy box of to know how much THAT was? Try 14.00!!!!!
14.00 for CHEESE SLICES! Is he kidding me!!!
Hes been banned from ever going grocery shopping again. 167.00 and it all fit in only 5 paper bags. Unbelievable.
By the way... he got the bottled water all right, the cheap brand that cost 6.00 for a pkg of 24, why didnt he just go to walmart, grab the Dasani 16 pack for 3.99? Oh, because hes not me.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Were fine.

Just rain and some wind. Rainy days make me so tired!

My youngest son, Maverick got a new gun last week. His first 22cal rifle. Thought Id post a photo, or two.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Its my turn

to have to hurricane.

I wont be on for a day or two.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

My house is haunted....

Why do I think my house is haunted? Well, Ive always been clairvoyant, as has a few of my kids.
Since moving here we have been seeing shadows, hearing someone downstairs when we've all been upstairs, and heard whispering. The weirdest thing happened this past week though. We bought the kids one of those easy set pools, you know, the 18ft X 4ft kind. Well, we cover it at night, and one morning I got up and looked outside (The window by the top of the stairs overlooks the pool area) and the cover was on the pool. I was going to go out there within the hour to take the cover off, and turn the pump off, and someone (or something) had taken the cover off, moved it 8ft away and put a brick over it. Now what gets me is this, we live in the middle of nothing. We have a neighbor (kind of) who lives about 3 acres away and hes old. This was at 7am when all this took place. I don't know who couldve removed it, my kids were asleep, and I ha vent seen any other kids (teens) in the neighborhood, because having 2 very bored teens, we've looked and we don't see anyone, much less kids. Who couldve taken this cover off?
The other weird thing was yesterday, I looked outside several times because as I said you tend to look outside because of the window being at the top of the stairs. The pool was full and I was telling myself, go turn off the pump and check to see if the shock worked in cleaning it. Well, I went outside like 45 minutes later and all the water was out. We are talking roughly 18,000 gallons of water. Out of the pool, for no apparent reason. No one was around. My kids were inside (heck 2 were still asleep) and the other 2 were playing Socom. Is someone being super sneaky and going way out of their way to fuck with the pool (As I said, we live in the middle of nowhere), or is something supernatural happening?
My house...

Friday, August 1, 2008

Doctors are not as smart as moms!

I dont see how people have time to blog daily and have time to comment. I try to do it and even though the 4 kids I have at home are much older, It throws my whole day off.
I still have my daughters room to finish, downstairs to clean, dishes to do, beds to make, and sometime or another I plan on making cookies.
What I really wanted to rant about was, my 15 yr old son had a sleep study done in May. That thing cost me 5000.00. They determined hes only sleeping 70% of the time. Which leaves him groggy the next day and he falls asleep during the day in school (which is making real problems). So I take him back to the doctor last week for the results of this study, and he says he needs to see a neurologist to rule out narcolepsy. Now wait a minute, my son does not have narcolepsy. He is not falling asleep out of the blue, hes dozing off because hes tired. Why is he tired? Because hes not getting adequate sleep. (DUH). So I tell the doctor he needs to be put on Ambien Cr, so he can fall asleep and most importantly, STAY asleep, so the next day he wont be tired. His nurse calls me yesterday and says, 'We will call him a month supply of ambien, but then hes going to need another sleep study'.
I'm looking for a new doctor, because apparently this one doesn't have a clue about what hes talking about.