Monday, March 30, 2009

Hunter went back to school today!!

However, he still has pnuemonia, so says the chest x-ray he had on Friday.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Around the house...

nothings really new.

Maverick stayed up all night playing some zombie game, so I know he will be falling asleep in school today. They have his dads number, he can take care of that, after all hes the one that bought that xbox 360.

Dakota wants to cut her hair. I said no. End of discussion.

Ashton wants to get that job at the local grill, but they said he needed to cut his hair. His hair isnt even that long. I mean, its not like Mavericks-past his shoulders. Im assuming they want him to have a buzz? Thats ok, I think he looks cute with a buzz...although I dont think hes that willing.

Hunter's dr appointment is Friday. Hopefully he can go back to school next monday. His class sent him over 30 get well cards yesterday, which I thought was so sweet.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hunters home...

but he still has pneumonia.

Hes on a strong antibiotic and an inhaler. He has to stay home from school until he sees the doctor next Wednesday and she will determine when he can go back.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


I took Hunter to the e.r on Friday morning. He has pneumonia that is covering his entire left lung and will be in the hospital for the next 7 days, or longer.
He will then have to miss more school to being on antibiotics for another week when he comes home and have limited activities so he doesn't over exert himself.
Vince is staying with him at the hospital.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spring Break-Day 3.

Hunter is still sick, but Im forcing him to eat toast. He hasnt eaten anything since Sunday, and hes been puking and running a fever and not drinking enough...thus, hes getting dehydrated. I told him he was going to have to go to the hospital and get poked with needles if he didnt start eating or drinking and he just said, So. Isnt the threat of scaring kids with hospital and needles suppose to work? Im still making him eat the toast. I made the second threat, 'If you dont eat that toast, Im calling your dad, and do you REALLY want him to come home'? (This always works because its like good cop, bad cop around here and Vince is the bad cop)

Dakota is bored. She just asked me if she had an Adams Apple. Im like, stupid. She giggles and says, ohhhhhhhh. She shouldve been blond.

Maverick stayed up all night and just now passed out.

Ashton is being a complete prick because this is what teen boys do? Im about to beat his ass, never mind the fact hes bigger than me...I will and can take him down.

Dakota: We should go to the beach.


Our beaches are all fucked up due to hurricane Ike 6 months ago. Still screwed up. Go figure.

Ok, thats it for me. I went back to bed today and just got up which means I havent done a damn thing. Come to think of it, I havent done anything for days...weeks? It must be getting bad, my husband said yesterday, 'If you got time, do you think you can do those dishes'? Since he asked nice I guess I can....ask a kid to do them. :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My husband is a dork.


Because only he would walk downstairs, covered up in our daughters Hello Kitty throw, humming the Star Wars theme.

I guess I couldve been nice and gave him Mavericks light saber. But Im not nice.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Official spring break-day 1.

Hunter is sick. Fever, chills, body aches, the whole nine yards. He didnt find amusing when i said, 'Hey! At least you wont miss any school'!

Dakota is dying of cramps. She didnt find it amusing when i said, 'At least your not cramping during school'!

Ashton went to a job interview. I hope this first job thing will make him do better in school. you know, that whole, 'minimum wage jobs blow so i better get a good education'. On the other hand, this established band in New york wants him to play guitar for him, but theyre not getting the fact HES ONLY 16 and his mother isnt ready to let him go yet. (They are like in their 20's)

Maverick...well...nothing new or anything about him. Hes playing zombie nazis or something like that. Spring break = xbox 360 all week long.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Im hating the time change.

It blows.

I went to the store today. Before we go my husband says, I think I should take my 45.
I'm like...why.
He says, because you never know.
Never know what?!?! Do you seriously think someone is going to want to car jack your big ass diesel truck? SERIOUSLY??? I mean..its a fuckin tank. Hes like, 'that's why i got a concealed weapons license'. (He also mumbled something about only bringing 4 bullets because if you cant hit something with the first 4 bullets, you dont need to own a gun)

He is such a vigilante, don't get me started.

In a word:Redneck.

So, I go into the store, alone, because no way in hell am I allowing him to bring his 'baby' in with him. I love shopping alone. I don't have anyone bugging me for Evian water or ho-hos.

In case you didn't know, I don't drive.


My man = my personal driver.


Anxiety. major anxiety, I don't even like to be in a car, much less behind the wheel. I think its from too many car accidents as a teen. So, Ive never had a license. Ive never drove.

It doesn't help the situation that my husband treats the freeway like its the Indianapolis 500 and hes Richard Petty. I swear to God, we cant go anywhere without him doing his Nascar impressions.

Ok time to cook dinner. Fun times.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Today is...

technically the first day of spring break. For some reason my kids count the weekend as being part of spring break, so they insist they have 9 days off.

Wasnt it JUST winter break????

Tifeni wants 150.00 for her latest tattoo. I laughed before I said, no. That pretty much just pissed her off. Do I care?

Maverick and Hunter are already on my last nerve. They have spent the morning trying to kill each other. First with the nerf 603 (with turret) and then by sitting on each other. They are pretty big boys. Hey, as long as theyre not sitting on me!

Ashton went skateboarding. Vince wants to change jobs, so I told Ash, if hes going to break a leg, now is the time to do it, because I dont know how long the accident insurance will last.

Dakota is cleaning her room, because 'dad' threatened to take her sidekick away for the week. In teen terms, thats a death sentence. Remember when we were teens and we were lucky to use the home phone and never after 8pm?

Friday, March 6, 2009

Im updating again? Weird.

At least, weird for me. At this rate, I might do it everyday!! (Dont get your hopes up)

Yesterday was my best friends birthday (she had to remind me). She turned 53 and she insists she hates that number. I said why, you were just 52...I mean, its not like you went from 21 to 53 over night'. Shes like, 'I know, but I just hate it'. I remember freaking out over being 30, and now I will be 39 this year. Time flies.

I havent twittered today. Im almost afraid to open it, knowing I wont get anything done.

My house is a wreck, and my kids get home early today. Monday starts spring break (already!)..time to pop some ginseng and a redbull and get busy!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Whew I havent updated in eons.

I will make this quick though because I spent all damn morning twittering.

My husband made me take Poisons 'talk dirty to me' off my caller ring tone because he states 'what if the school calls you'? Yeah ok, got me there.

I dont see how people can have a job and write in there blogs everyday. I dont work and still dont find the time. Yeah ok, I twitter alot, but I can pass by my computer and do that, or do it from my cell phone. Its almost like porn to go.


Ash is making a myspace music account so the world can hear his tunes..I will link that when he gets around to doing it.

Tifeni thinks we should pick her up on Sunday and bring her back by Friday so she can go out with Josh. I love how my kids think I should bow down and convey to their every whim.

The kids had their TAKS test this week. You know, that government mandated test, to see if our teachers are doing their jobs. No, they dont take into consideration learning disabilities and ADD, and all that other stuff. They simply say, 'do your best'. Fucked up thing? They have to pass it to graduate. If your not good at tests, or your learning disabled, you are shit out of luck. Can America be anymore communistic?

Dont answer that.

Ok, I have to go clean house and stuff.

Some guy asked me on twitter, 'so what do you do exactly'...apparently being a stay at home mom is a dying breed. Maybe we should be put on the extinction list?