Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Around the house...

nothings really new.

Maverick stayed up all night playing some zombie game, so I know he will be falling asleep in school today. They have his dads number, he can take care of that, after all hes the one that bought that xbox 360.

Dakota wants to cut her hair. I said no. End of discussion.

Ashton wants to get that job at the local grill, but they said he needed to cut his hair. His hair isnt even that long. I mean, its not like Mavericks-past his shoulders. Im assuming they want him to have a buzz? Thats ok, I think he looks cute with a buzz...although I dont think hes that willing.

Hunter's dr appointment is Friday. Hopefully he can go back to school next monday. His class sent him over 30 get well cards yesterday, which I thought was so sweet.


Capricorn said...

Hunters still sick? wow.

~Sheila~ said...

It's remarkable that Hunter is still sick. Dom got lucky. He was sick over the last part of Spring Break and was able to return to school yesterday.

I like to make sure we don't skip a beat...lol.

Hope Hunter starts feeling better soon.

Dom wants a job but he's not sure anyone would hire him at 14.