Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Our school is taking donations for new or gently used books for ages pre-k to 7th grade.
All the kids have lost their school books and several schools lost entire librarys due to flooding.

If your able to help, you can send books to:

Orangefield Elem.
p.o. Box 228
Orangefield Texas 77639

Please include a note that states you are donating these books to help Bridge city and Galveston County libraries.
If your childs name is in the book, you can simply write 'donated by' above the name.
Thank you so much!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Photos from hurricane Ike.

Fema has turned down 175,000 families in my area, stating that their homes are livable, nevermind the fact they had this much water in them.

This is/was the walmart that I shopped. This is/was the pizza hut that we went to. This is also the street that contained our dentist and doctors offices and our major grocery store. This street also contained 3 schools that will not be opening anytime soon. It also contained thousands of homes.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

For Mary...

Your right, Dakotas hair has gotten really long.

Tom boys.

My youngest daughter is 13 and the biggest tomboy. She wears boy clothes, refuses to wear makeup or her hair down.

She also has new friends in this new town weve moved to, and they made her into a girl. I hope she stays like this for now on, because I prefer her 'girly' than so tomboy. I have enough boys running around here, I NEEDED a girl!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

A quick rant and a heads up about the place we call USA.

Let me tell you all a little something you wont see in the news. All those people you see displaced by the hurricane. All those people, cleaning the mud out of their homes, or not having a home at all. Hundreds of families..they have no place to go. Ive seen them living outside their homes in tents. Ive seen them at the camp sites as Im going down the road, living in tents. We are talking parents, young children, etc. FEMA refuses to bring in temporary housing, and to be honest, we haven't seen anyone from FEMA in this area, except to bring ice and water...and the kicker? They give one package of water, one bag of ice. (Oh the plus side, Walmart has in their parking lot, compliments of Walmart, 3 bags of ice and 3 packs of water for anyone that needs it)
What happens to all these families now? Their homes are unlivable. Are they to live in tents until FEMA decides to help them? All the hotels are filled in this area (and believe me, these are small towns, there are very few hotels). The local mayors are asking people to take in a family that they know to help everyone out in this trying time because our government, the Government that helps so many people in other countries, cannot help our own. If I knew someone that needed help, I would take them in. (It wouldn't be my first time, Ive taken in 5 homeless children into my apartment when we lived in the hood)....(speaking of which, our old apartment? It was crumbled to the ground in the hurricane. See? God has a plan for everyone, noone was living there at the time, thank God).
The whole rant Im making is this. We pay our tax dollars and our government can help everyone in other countries, but they cant help the people in our country that need it! Hell, FEMA has even stole our 'air space.' Meaning, if you are in a disaster area that got totally flooded, your cell phone will not work because FEMA has shut down that satellite.
True story.
Your cell phone will flash 'Federal Emergency Calls only.' Ive seen it first hand. I asked a national guardsman what that meant, he says 'FEMA has control of the cell phone services and they are the only ones that can make calls'. Are we living in a communist country? Someone please put a woman in the white house so she can fix this world we live in, because men have fucked it up for years and are continuing to screw it up some more!!
What gets me is, during hurricane Katrina, FEMA gave debit cards to those people, and they bought big screen TVs, jewelry, etc. They gave those people free housing (meaning they paid their rent) for 3 years. They brought in temporary housing for them. Supposedly since those people took advantage of the situation, FEMA refuses to do that again. Well, im sorry but were not the people from 'Nawlins'...and if the world thought like FEMA thinks, then the first time a president screwed up, then we wouldn't be having any more presidents after that. You cant keep changing the rules because of a few bad apples.
What did the people in Texas get after this hurricane? A visit from the president, a bag of ice, and a package of water.

Our local school district volunteers, helping out our neighbors, because our government cant.

Extended Summer Vacation??

My kids wont go back to school until Sept 29Th because all 3 schools were flooded. Other schools in the area wont go back until the middle of Oct because of severe flooding.

I'm deathly afraid of snakes but knock on wood, I haven't seen one since the hurricane. I'm wondering if its because before the hurricane i put out moth balls all around my house. Yes they smell but I'm wondering if the snakes think so also. Ive seen plenty of moths and thousands of mosquito's so apparently they are immune.

My youngest daughter had a few girls stay the night last night. They are all around the same age, early teens.
Heard from the kitchen this morning: 'Holy cow, one cracker has 2 grams of fat"!?!?
Now it starts? Unbelievable. If my 105 pound daughter says she needs to go on a diet I am going to scream!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The MRE Breakfast.

MRE= Military Ration Envelope.

Breakfast Menu today: Omelet, hash browns, jelly, and poptarts.

Take out your MRE omelet and add water. Take that out after its been smoking for 5 minutes (be careful its hot!) and then do the same with the hashbrown packet.

Add to plate..and enjoy?

New T-shirt: I survived Ike.

This hurricane will be something for my kids to tell their children about. We did not evacuate, we rode out the storm in our house...were tough like that. We prayed alot too. It was a very scary storm, high winds, transformers popping like it was nothing, trees snapping in half, the occasional sounds of small explosions (Someones generator).

We lost electricity around 5pm on Friday before the storm hit, and didn't get it back until yesterday. I think that was the hardest part, especially the first 2 days when it was hot as hell. God then gave us cool weather, and it wasn't too bad.

Alot of our friends lost everything. Their entire homes, swept away. We were lucky, the water stopped 10 feet from our front door.

We didnt have any damage to our home. Im swearing its because we had scaramentals at our windows and doors. (I will write a whole post about that later)

We live in Orange Texas, and we are 5 minutes from Bridge City Texas..that entire city was underwater.
I was just there on Thursday, at the dentist,....a dentist I wont be going back to, because his office is gone.
You never know what God has in store for you. We didnt even think we would get the hurricane, but we sure did. We got it all, small tornado's, 110 mph winds, no electricity, undrinkable water (which its still not drinkable, because its basically ocean water)...but we were the lucky ones.
Next weekend were helping some friends of Vinces clean the 3 ft of mud out of their home. They were lucky as well. They didnt have to be rescued from their roof like most in their neighborhood did, and they had insurance...alot of people did not.

Fema blows.

They refuse to send temp. housing, so people are literally living in tents in their front yard, or at camp sites. Fema has only sent water and ice, and they are real assholes about it. Fema has not helped anyone in this area. If you do have insurance, Fema wont even talk to you, your 'application' is null and void.

The RedCross and the National Guard are the true heros. They give the MRE's (pictured here),

and they give water, ice, and cleaning supplies.

I could go on and on about this hurricane's aftermath, but until youve seen it, its hard to believe.
Ive heard on the radio so many things about Fema not distributing water and ice, and allowing it to melt because they were making 'shift change', or some shit like that. Im really waiting for some white supremacist (yes I live in the heart of those type people) to go off on someone from Fema. You guys have no idea, because alot of whats going on isnt on the news.
Were still under curfew, and still under a mandatory evacuation. They arent allowing anyone that left to come back to the city, they are being made to stay in their state affiliated shelters. If you left this city by bus, to a shelter, that bus wont bring you back until all curfews and evacuations have been lifted.
My brother is a police officer in Houston. He tells me the reason they wont allow people into the Bolivar Peninsula, is because its littered with dead bodies all over the beach...you wont hear about that in the news either.

Enough of all the depressing things...

Thank God my kids love them, because no store is opened in my area. We have drove to Louisiana for groceries, and I did drive to Houston for groceries yesterday.
We were allowed back into the city because my husband works for Motiva, and is a first responder. Meaning, he has a hologram. If you dont have a hologram, your not coming in. (Motiva makes gasoline, which since the plants are down, gas prices are sky high...hopefully getting them back up and running will fix that)
My next post: MREs and a cooking lesson.