Tuesday, July 22, 2008


the grossest thing happened.

I was in the tub, and a friggin centipede fell on me. I screamed, had a near heart attack, etc.
I mustve gave that little guy a heart attack too, a fatal one, because by the time I made my husband get it out of my bathwater (yes I had stepped out!), it was dead.

He kind of looked like this...

My laughing husband just said, 'Not quite the same as the beloved video game of the 1980's is it'?
No asshole..it isnt.

Monday, July 21, 2008

What is your most embarrasing moment?

I think everyone has had their embarrassing moments.

The longer I am a parent, the less I get embarrassed.

I think my most embarrassing moment as a parent was when I had my youngest daughter in a beauty pageant, and I went to walk off the stage, and I fell. I held onto my daughter, who was like 5 months old, but the whole audience gasped.





Of embarrassment that is.

I did hurt my ankle, but nothing was broken.

It was such an embarrassing moment, my husband didn't even rush over to help me, he just sat there, acting like he didn't know me.
He later said, "Well, if I didn't see you get up, I would've went over there to help you".
Oh thanks alot!

I'm not going to blame him though, I would've acted like I didn't know him either.

This is my husband...

today is his birthday.

Hes 39, which means I get to tease him all year about next year hitting the big 4-0. Oh, dont have sympathy for him, he will do it to me too because hes mean that way.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Boys are dumb.

My son and his friends did the dumbest thing yesterday. They gave each other mohawks. My son now looks like a white supremacist, because platinum blond guys should NOT get mohawks.
My son even made the comment, 'this has been the dumbest thing I have ever done'. Live and learn I guess.



Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Do you spank?

An Iowa mother was given a ticket by a police officer on 4th of July weekend, for spanking her fit throwing toddler. The ticket was for child abuse. (You can see the article on this link)


Now, as a mom of 5, I spank my kids. I put the fear of God into my kids much like my parents put the fear of God into me. My teens are also not 'gang bangers', thugs, or in trouble with the juvenile system. If more parents spanked their kids, there would be less gangs, and teen violence.
A few weeks ago on the news it showed 3 teens that beat a homeless man to death. These teens were around the age of 14, and the oldest was only 15. Now, had their parents put their fear of God into them with a belt or an extension cord once or twice, they wouldn't have done such a Hannis act.

Do you spank your children? If you don't, why not? Does 'time out' seriously work for you?..and do you think 'time out' is going to work when they are older than say, 4?

On a side note, I have my sons friends here for the next 2 weeks. My youngest girl and boy are spending the next 2 weeks with my mom. My middle son didnt want to go. So, 4 boys, for the next two weeks.

Fun. Times. Memories in the making.

Monday, July 7, 2008


If you were alive in this year, what do you remember about it?

It was the year I started kindergarten. We didn't go all day like today's kids, we went half a day. We didnt eat lunch there, we had snack, which for me consisted of these little round chocolate cookies with a face on them. I want to say it was a cat face. Im sure I had other snacks, but that just stands out in my mind. It came in a little black box. I also brought milk money, which was 6 cents. I however, didnt drink milk. I still dont. Not after I had seen where it came from when I was 3, and was totally disgusted. I looked up these 'cookies' that invade my memories, and I found a photo of it. Now I can see how in my 5 year old mind I thought it was a cat cookie. The chocolate chip ones had cat faces on the box, where as the chocolate ones that I loved, had a bear drawn on it. Thanks to the Internet, here is what I am talking about...do you remember these?

Kindergarten for kids at that time did not consist of what it does nowadays. It did not consist of reading, and constant writing in journals, and math facts like todays kindergartens. No, Kindergarten was a fun time, with 'centers'.
Do you guys remember centers? You know, kitchen centers, block center, reading and sewing centers. My kids went to kindergarten and I was shocked at the lack of 'centers'. My youngest child (hes 9) went to kindergarten and was 'writing' in a journal the second day of school. He didnt do this well because he had never been in school before then, but other kids were amazing at it..and their teacher pushed them like little robots.
I think kids miss out on coloring, centers, and all the fun times kindergarten used to be. Today's kids are pushed into learning too quick, hence being forced to grow up too quickly. I could go on and on about how I think this is leading to the child/young adult/teen crime problems we have today, but that would be a huge blog in itself.
Starting school meant one thing....layaway at Sears. Yes, Sears actually had a layaway, and I remember going there every summer, trying on clothes, putting them on layaway, and how it felt like Christmas the day I got them out.
Picking them up in layaway meant one thing...well, it meant 2 things.
The mechanical horse in the layaway department, and the penny gumball machine. I would go there, geared up with at least 10 pennies, and pants with a pocket.
This is what these looked like...

I loved riding that horse. I was a city kid, being raised pretty close to downtown Houston, so that mechanical horse was the closest thing to fulfilling my horse fantasy's. I would beg my dad for as many quarters as he had, and I would ride and ride, and close my eyes and have visions of Little House on the Prairie, or visions of National Velvet...and sigh. Good Times.
I always said, 'When I grow up Im having a lot of horses'. I still haven't bought one yet.

We did buy a puppy though! A pit pull pup. Shes 7 weeks old. Im not a dog person, but shes pretty cute.
This is Shelby.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

More photo blogging.

This is my oldest daughter, and her live in boyfriend, I love Josh.

This is the crowd that hangs out at my daughters apartment.

To me I see infants, but I know they are all young adults, in college, all with jobs, but I still see infants. Being a mom does that to you.

This is my youngest daughter Dakota. Shes 13, and hyperactive.