Monday, June 30, 2008

Back to the photo blogging.

This is older son, Ashton, his new room and our cat, Joker Cat. He is a Maine Coon and ultra smart, he even plays catch...with a plastic container from the gum machines..

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


My kids have gotten in the habit of sleeping all day,and staying awake all night. I'm trying to fix this by making them stay up all day, after they have stayed up all night.
We have some woods behind our house....

and I created a 'scavenger hunt list'. It included things like, a feather, a dark leaf, light leaf, y shaped twig, colorful rock, and things like that.
This kept my kids outside all day..but around 5pm, my youngest, Maverick, couldn't handle it anymore, and passed out on the top of the stairs.

He slept all night and was up at 5am. Today it stormed all day, which has made us all very tired. Even Maverick.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday already?

I cant believe its already Friday. I mean, not that I have anything going on besides going to the grocery store at some point.
I cannot wait for school to start back up. My kids are bored to death, so to curve their boredom, they eat. Well, except for my 13 yr old ADHD daughter Dakota,

she spends her time running around outside, playing soccer alone (her brothers wont play with her), and thinking up things to do. We are curing bonsai seeds to create a bonsai tree. We COULD do her room, but jeeze I walk in there and walk out, what a wreck!
I'm also considering doing a garden, but last night I saw my very first Raccoon (omg he was sooo cute!!), and he was tearing into the trash and so I'm now rethinking the garden thing. Well, unless I could put them in large pots on my balcony like city people do it...but that does narrow down the veggies I could grow. Anyone with veggie garden ideas, please send them my way. Im also considering a pumpkin patch. I need help on this subject!!!
My husband has seen rabbits when he leaves for work (I want to SEE one!!). Also, this city girl has also seen her first owl. My city children saw it as well, because when my 9 yr old saw it gliding from one tree to another, he exclaimed, "Look! a hawk!".
Yes, we are clueless.
Ive also seen my fill of weird looking bugs and lizards.

We are considering getting a dog.

Well, I shouldn't say 'we' because I am NOT a dog person.
I love cats.
Cats are smart and don't need alot of 'pay attention to me' time.
My kids however, want a dog. My husband thinks we should get them one. I basically said, do what you want, but I'm not taking care of it.
Why is it whenever the family gets a pet, its the mom that ends up with the pet responsibility's?

I will be posting a video of my elder son playing guitar as soon as I get a cord for my camcorder.

I had my tubes clamped with a 'filshie clip' (its like clamping off a water hose with a clamp) a little over 9 years ago. This week Ive been noticing nauseousness, boob aches, and tiredness. Granted it is PROBABLY PMS, however, what is the likely hood of pregnancy?
I mean, does anyone KNOW anyone that has gotten pregnant several years after a tubaligation?
My doctor once said, 'its not like your tubes are cut, tied and burned, your tubal is fully reversible, and well, not 100% effective, more like 80% effective'.
I was okay with that then, but I'm 38 now and my oldest is living with her boyfriend and I don't think having a baby at this point in my life is a 'fun' thing to do. However, who doesn't love a baby! Hey, could it be menopause?! That could totally work for me!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Forrest Timethi-Ashton Courtney...future rockstar.

Background info on my oldest son. Ashton is 15, popular amongst his peers due to his humor and outgoing personality. I think it helps that hes an adorable blond with a muscular build. Hes also an insomniac that also suffers from narcolepsy. It took us a 5500.00 sleep study to be told that, and now hes on medication. Due to the fact he was sleep deprived this school year (he was previously home schooled so it was never a problem), he failed all of his classes. He didn't even get a credit in theater arts which for someone with his artistic touch, it should have been an easy A. If only he could have stayed awake.

Since taking my oldest son out of the hood, he has been bored. I mean, there is no walking to the corner store for stacker 3 and a monster energy drink and spend the entire day skateboarding with his buddies.
There is no dodging drug dealers here, or making out with some girl under the bleachers of the nearby Jr.high.

There is nothing here.


But his guitar (which at age 15, he plays better than most adults twice his age..someone at a music store said he was a prodigy). Did I mention he taught himself how to play by the age of 10?


He has spent his time here in the middle of no where, playing his guitar and revamping his 'my space'. He sent out the following bulletin after making his whole my space layout out of the word 'fake'.

Written solely by him...age 15.

FAKE is a 1 word dilemma. The plethora of Profound Problems, Annualized the concept of this stereotype, and demand a much higher Notability.
To Start a New, or Much Rather begin a new, we take our chances in this vicious indignation called life. Take it day by day and project feelings onto the serpent tide of every cultural region. We envy the very thought of the hosts that conform their bodies so deeply into the Sacred Being, that it Phantoms into indecent exposure, thus creating a butterfly affect on cautious onlookers gasping for air at the virility of this prototype concept of pure imagination, it is the doppelganger of fantasy.

This is a kid that failed English, probably due to the fact that he didn't stay awake. He was tested in 6Th grade, by a teacher that saw his potential even though he was failing everything, as being gifted. Those tests showed he was then on a college level. That was 4 years ago. I wonder where his brain would place him now.

By the way, we all know hes going to grow up and be a rockstar, you should hear him play.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ive moved!

and I have almost everything put away. (thanks to my husband who bitches excessively,..didn't I say moving with him sucked?)

The only thing left to put away is my daughters room. She has boxes to unload and pictures to put up.

As soon as I get my son to take photos with his phone I will add them here.

This is what Ive noticed about the country thus far...

1. I rarely see people.

2. I have seen ALOT of bugs.

I also don't have a washer yet, and Ive been having to wash things out by hand. THIS SUCKS BEYOND DESCRIPTION. I do have a dryer though, so whoop for small miracles.

My oven doesn't work and now I'm looking up recipes on how to make cake via an electric skillet.

I have also lost a few pounds due to the fact there is no coke machine within walking distance and I havent had a coke in almost a week.
A few pounds down, only a hundred more to go!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Tomorrow is moving day!

I have wall to wall boxes and it seems I still have little crap everywhere, whats up with that!
You know, like ipods, medicine bottles, candles, cleaning supplies, ball cap, Cd's, Lego's. I'm tempted to throw it all into a box and label it 'stuff', but my husband who is ultra anal about things being in their "correct box", would have a cow.
Did you know most women contemplate divorce/and or killing their husband during moving and packing than any other time?
Well, that's probably not true and it might just be me, but..MY HUSBAND IS DRIVING ME NUTS!!!