Friday, July 3, 2009

I moved!!

So, we found a house and moved to Bridge City Texas. You remember me talking about Bridge City right? It was the city during hurricane Ike that was completely under water and they had to rescue people off their roofs before the hurricane even made land fall. Now is a good time to mention, I HATE hurricanes. So far this year, so good, but we have roughly another 4 months of hurricane season to go.

The house we moved into is super tiny. Friends are politely calling it, cozy. I say its temporary, but maybe not. Its a nice neighborhood, with good people...and to me that's speaks volumes over the size of the house. My mom once told me, people do the same thing in mansions that they do in tiny houses. True That.

Moving day drama:

My daughters dog, 'Monster' decided to jump out the back of the truck while we were going 65mph, and he was tied down.
Are you getting visions of National Lampoons Vacation? Yeah it was something like that.
I was watching out my rear view mirror when he did it, and made my husband stop and pull over. He and my daughter then got out an surveyed the damage. It looked horrible, there was blood everywhere. After getting him home, we realized it wasn't that bad. He scraped his back paws on the tire and he was skinned up pretty bad. Its been 2 weeks now and hes back to his old self, running around like nothing happened. All I'm going to say is, I am so glad I was watching when I did, or he would've died, and the cry-fest from my daughter would've lasted days instead of 1 day. Dogs are so stupid.

Here are pics of my oldest 3 kids..the other 2 are never around when anyone has a camera. Maybe because people don't have cameras around video games...which is where they are spending their summer-in front of the xbox 360.
I need to set up our pool, but Geeze its like 108 degrees out, and that doesn't sound like anything I want to do.


Mom Taxi Julie said...

Oh my gosh how scary! My dog wouldn't know what to do in the back of a truck lol. Spoiled dog. Not that we take her anywhere usually.

Your kids are all so cute!

~Sheila~ said...

I totally got the image from National Lampoon's in my head when you were talking about the dog being dragged.
It's eerie knowing that it could have been worse and super traumatic.
Glad the dog is doing well.
You keep moving farther away....