Friday, May 29, 2009

Fuck my life.

Long story short.

My landlord, lets just call him douche bag, informed us on May 18th that he has sold the house were living in and we have to be out by June 15th. We cant find a damn thing to rent. To make matters worse, my husband hasnt been working many hours. I'm like 2 weeks from becoming homeless.
It should be common fuckin courtesy to inform your tenants that your 'thinking' about selling the house they are living in, instead of waiting until its sold and then saying 'closing date is June 15Th, you need to be out by then'. I just wish, said douche bag would have something really bad happen to him, in other words: Karma. I hate selfish people.
He informed us of this over the phone and then sends me a letter that says "we can pay 500.00 for the two weeks in June and 33.00 a day for the last 2 weeks of June if we need to stay those two weeks'. Is he fucking kidding me? What about the 1000.00 deposit you still have of mine, douche bag?
Im so pissed. and frustrated. I need a miracle or something.
Incidentally, wasnt he suppose to inform us of this with a certified letter or something instead of a phone call, and then a sloppy written letter sent via regular mail?

In other news.

Maverick got all his hair cut off. He donated 10 inches to locks of love. I was sad to see his shoulder length locks cut down to a buzz cut, but it will grow back. Dakota got 9 inches of her hair chopped off for a locks of love donation as well.
School ends today and Im super depressed. Anyway, back to packing, I dont know when I will post again.


~Sheila~ said...

That really sucks. Did you find out for sure if it's legal for him to put you out like that? I thought you get at least 30 days but it has to be in writing unless you are behind on your payments or something.
I think a similar thing happened to my parents but they were hardly on time with their rent.

You wanna move to the Valley?

Justa Hillbilly said...

I am so sorry this is happening. I hope you find a way around it, at least long enough to Do something about it. You and your family are in my thoughts Ericka, you're a tough bunch, everything's gonna be ok. *lotsa knh* Cathy