Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Birthday to the center of my Universe....


He is 10 years old. (we were stumped on what to get him, but he loved what we found for him-a psp with 3 movies and 3 games.) He also recieved alot of gifts and money from friends and family, thanks to all that came!

A few pics from his party this past weekend. (and I mean few, there were hundreds-I will post more when I get a chance). Maverick shared his birthday party with his cousin, who turned 9 a few days ago, thats whats up with all the candles on the cake. (It was also my best friend Floras birthday as well, she turned 38, but due to firelaws (haha Jay) we resulted to using only one candle for her personal cheesecake. Shes pictured below with her ultra adorable baby boy, Kevin. (ashton-who hates kids said, 'everyone needs a kevin'..he was just THAT cute)

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Justa Hillbilly said...

Happy Birthday Maverick!

It looks like y'all hadda great time!! Post more pics!